An Open Letter to the United States Congress.

--------- Draft ---------- Welcoming any additions to this:

What are you saying to the 2.8 million* soldiers/civilians who have died or had body parts blown off in defense of our Constitution?

Every one of you took a Solemn Oath to 'Protect the Constitution' you remember that time?

Now you are engaged in a time wasting fruitless attempt to 'Impeach' a President who is no longer in office, which is by no stretch of the imagination what our Founding Fathers intended when they wrote our Constitution.

Are you mad? (British meaning)

We didn't elect you to waste your skills on such a Time Vampire of a pursuit. We elected you because we thought you would make our lives BETTER.

74 Million Americans voted for and support President Trump.

Our country is more divided now than any time in history, barring the Civil War.

You are Puppets directed by the CCP of china, and you have let your hate fueled Egos seize total control of your better nature.

Divide and Conquer. That is the plan for America instigated by the CCP of china. They are spending Millions of $ to do this.
The reason they are doing this is to further their 'One Road, One Belt' plan. They want to be the Top Dog in the World, and replace America in that spot.

And you are helping them accomplish their goal.

Learn a lesson from Yugoslavia. The same things that divided that country beyond any reconciliation are happening right now in the United States.......and you are contributing to that discord. There was no division in Yugoslavia until one was artificially CREATED.

What are you telling your kids? How will they remember you? What about your grand kids?

How will you be judged, and how will you judge yourself, when you are on your death bed?

Many of you are receiving untold amounts of money from various sources. The number of millionaires in Congress is astounding.

Is your Honor worth that compensation?

Are you REALLY willing to sell your Ethics and Morals? Think back to when you first decided to be in Public Office...Do you still have the ideals you had back then, or are they long gone and buried under a pile of money?

You can rest assured that MOST Americans (From BOTH parties!) are dismayed beyond belief by your actions.

Please STOP this Lunacy, and End this Nightmare.


PS. And get the price of Insulin back down to $60.....since biden took office it's gone up to $500.